Varicose Vein Treatments

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Injecting a solution into unwanted abnormal veins, using direct vision, and causing the vein wall to collapse and subsequently be absorbed by the body.
Using ultrasound technology to guide the precise placement of the injections into the abnormal veins, hidden below the skin leading to their collapse and absorption by the body.
Using ultrasound guidance, a very fine fibre is passed into the abnormal vein via a tiny incision which uses heat energy to change the vein lining and wall and subsequently be absorbed by the body.
Medical Superglue is intended to permanently treat the underlying veins that cause varicose veins by sealing the affected veins with a cyanoacrylate-based adhesive.
Percutaneous Transcatheter Pelvic Vein Embolization (or Pelvic Vein Coiling) is a minimally invasive treatment under local anaesthetic.
EVLA, using laser energy to target and close off the affected veins, is an effective alternative to traditional surgical methods for patients suffering from haemorrhoids.
Support stockings apply external pressure to the leg and are designed to assist the return of blood flow upwards to the heart.
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Varicose veins typically do not go away on their own and often require medical treatment to resolve. Without intervention, these veins may not only persist but can also worsen, potentially leading to more serious vascular problems, including deep vein thrombosis and ulcers. That's why taking proactive measures is essential. Our team provides a complete range of modern, minimally invasive, effective treatments aimed at improving venous health. 

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