A varicocele is a network of swollen veins in your scrotum, usually on the left side. It causes a lump in the scrotum, which is not usually painful and may be more obvious when you stand up, cough or strain. You are more likely to develop a varicocele if it runs in your family, or if you have varicose veins in your legs.

 A varicocele can sometimes interfere with sperm production and lead to infertility. If it is causing pain or infertility or affecting the size of your testicle, you may need surgery.

It’s important to visit your doctor if you notice a lump or pain in your scrotum, to ensure it is not something more serious, such as testicular cancer.

Assessment is important with onsite ultrasound to determine the cause and further to determine if there is pelvic venous congestion condition giving rise to these veins. Our specialist sonographers perform an important pelvic vein scan to determine whether pathology is significant and as a first step there is a need to address these veins with pelvic coiling procedures to complete the treatment of the scrotal veins that originate in the pelvis and abdomen, called varicoceles.

Scrotal Surface Veins

Scrotal surface veins are not only a cosmetic concern for men, but they can also rupture and bleed. Assessment is the same for varicoceles, however if there is no pelvic vein congestion the treatment may be straightforward with injection sclerotherapy.