In extreme cases of varicose veins, when the veins fail to take the venous blood away from the leg, it can cause inflammation and skin damage, resulting in a leg ulcer. Venous conditions account for a high percentage of ulcers that develop on the lower leg.

We use ultrasound to find the underlying cause of the leg ulcer alongside specialist sonographers also checking that the ulcer does not have an arterial cause. Once the underlying cause has been found, our phlebologist can then decide on the best way to cure the leg ulcer, addressing the venous cause.

Venous leg ulcers are caused by veins not working properly. Most of these issues are due to the valves not working correctly – varicose veins.  The only way to find the cause of a leg ulcer is with a duplex ultrasound scan. Leg ulcers are curable by treating the varicose veins with walk in walk out modern treatment that does not require stripping surgery.