Annoying veins can appear on the side of the forehead, just above the eyes and eyebrows, in the area called the “temple”. It is actually the temporal area and veins in this area tend to run down from the top of the scalp, across the temple vertically and then under the eye.

These veins tend to be blue or green. Please note that these temporal veins are completely different from the superficial temporal artery. The superficial temporal artery is very prominent in the temple area and is always colourless. If you feel very gently you can feel a pulse in this vessel as it is an artery. With the help of ultrasound, our phlebologist can decide on the cause and the best treatment plan.

If you have green or blue veins in your temporal area and want to get rid of them, please send us some photographs so we can assess the best course of action. For these veins sclerotherapy is an option particularly if you have exhausted your options with laser treatments elsewhere.