What does this treatment involve?

Sclerotherapy involves injecting sclerosing solution directly into the diseased vein with a very fine needle

This solution causes a reaction along the internal wall of the vein causing it to swell and stick together. As a result of this the vein can no longer fill with blood and will gradually fade over a period of weeks and months until it is barely visible.

At Vein Doctors Group we utilise “Fibrovein” and “Aethoxysclerol” solution which is specifically manufactured for sclerotherapy

This solution is rapidly broken down after contact with the vein wall and does not circulate through the body as an active solution which means that the sclerosant effect is isolated in its action.

Depending on the size some veins may require several injections to achieve results, but in a single session numerous veins may be treated. Our team will first address the underlying veins to reduce the chance of the development of further surface spider veins. This is performed by conducting an ultrasound to rule out the possibility of incompetent veins contributing to superficial spider vein development.

Effective technique by experienced doctors specialised in treating veins and using ultrasound guided techniques means that the treatment is targeted at the root of the problem minimising complications and  recurrence of disease as well as minimising treatment sessions.

We generally find that patients who seek treatment in the early stages of their condition require much fewer treatment sessions.

Micro Sclerotherapy