How successful is this therapy?

After a full course of treatment the majority of our patients experience an 80-90% improvement in treated vessels

Immediately following treatment your legs may look worse due to bruising but this should only be a temporary effect. The treated veins will start to fade in the weeks following treatment and continue to fade over months after you complete your therapy.

If your condition is well established, subsequent sessions may be required. Sclerotherapy is a highly effective treatment, however at Vein Doctors Group our focus is on treating the root of the vein problem- the long term cosmetic results follow. At Vein Doctors Group, our treatments are not a quick cosmetic fix, and not temporary, no matter how serious the venous leg disease. Furthermore, this approach to treatment prevents the development of further abnormal veins.

Generally, veins that have been treated will not require repeated treatment in the future. However if you have an inherent disposition for vein walls to weaken, previously healthy veins may require treatment in the future. Treated veins and untreated veins will be reviewed and providing you keep your follow up appointments time to time, it is unlikely that your previous disease state you presented with will recur whilst monitoring and maintaining the diseased veins.

Steps can be taken to ensure the success of this therapy including maintaining a healthy weight, staying active and limiting prolonged standing or sitting.

Micro Sclerotherapy